#TBT DJ Ayres – DJ Ayres’s Laboratory

So in 2012, Ayres dropped a nice little series of mixes with the insanely talented Mike 2600 designing all the cover art. For today’s #TBT we revisit the DJ Ayres’s Laboratory set that’s loaded with catchy indie dance tunes, remixed pop gems and some tastefully turnt levels towards the end. Ace as always. Stream and download this one below.

DJ Ayres’s Laboratory by Dj Ayres on Mixcloud

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#TBT DJ Ayres – Mixpak FM 025

TBT this week is an incredibly diverse and banging mix from DJ Ayres that dropped via the Mixpak crew back in 2011. As an entry into their long running mix series, Mixpak FM 25 is loaded with all sorts of tropical and bashment vibes over the course of 70 minutes and runs through a ridiculous tracklist that sounds very fresh 4 years later. Whether it’s classic jungle, roots era dubstep and vintage dancehall grooves or even the moombahton and tropical bass sounds that were very relevant at the time…this mix is still quite the summertime turnup. Stream and download are both available on this one below.

Mixpak Mix by Dj Ayres on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Ayres – Mixpak FM 25 (right click “save target as”)

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#TBT DJ Ayres & JD – Houston For Dummies

Houston rap is amazing. It was great for a long time before it ever broke into the mainstream and it’s still extremely rad to this day. For #TBT this week, we revisit the mix Ayres and JD put together to showcase the history of the area’s sound right as it’s time in the limelight was at it’s peak. Digging deep into the crates, Houston For Dummies showcases classics from bonafied legends such as UGK, The Geto Boys and Devin The Dude and regional anthems from the likes of E.S.G., Big Mike, Lil O and many more. Basically, let this be your guide to one of the coolest scenes in rap to ever come about.

DJ Ayres & JD – Houston Tape by Dj Ayres on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Ayres & JD – Houston For Dummies

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#TBT DJ Ayres – Next Of All

As my time here with The Rub goes into month five, I’ve had a chance to really listen to a lot of these mixtapes that we feature weekly for #TBT. And while everything I’ve been able to peep since February has genuinely helped re-instill my faith in mixtapes overall, something about Ayres playing house tunes is just really freaking tight to me. Featured today for #TBT is his Fall of 2012 mix, Next Of All. It was kind of a sneak peek at all the dope house sounds that broke in 2014 but it was like two years before you realized it was cool. Ayres staying ahead of the game on the music tip per usual. Peep the stream below.

Next of All by Dj Ayres on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Ayres – Next Of All (right click “save target as”)

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#TBT DJ Ayres – Return of the Mash

#TBT this week takes us back to fall of 2010 as Ayres opened up his “dance pop” crate and cranked out this super fresh mix for Urban Outfitters. Return of the Mash is a slick representation of the electronic music experimentations that took place with pop music towards the end of the last decade which have ultimately became a huge influence on the Billboard charts of the last five years. Don’t necessarily believe me? Take a listen for yourself below and hear the early ideas from so many artists and producers that are dominating charts, playlists and festival lineups in 2015. Shouts to Mike 2600 for this killer artwork as well.

Return of the Mash by Dj Ayres on Mixcloud

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#TBT The Rub – Going Back to Cali

Almost exactly a decade ago, The Rub did a Summer West Coast tour to flex their muscles (aka DJ skills) and commemorated this journey with their very appropriately titled mix, Going Back to Cali. In what’s a very timely #TBT for this week, this mix showcased a wide variety of tunes with an obvious homage to a number of artists who have been instrumental in putting the West on the map and continuing that tradition of excellence. The beauty of this mix to me though it never stays in one place stylistically or regionally, and the flow of sample drops in between their modern era flips is all too slick. Just take a listen below and see if this doesn’t make you want to hit Cali for a summer getaway.

The Rub (Ayres & Eleven) – Goin Back to Cali by Dj Ayres on Mixcloud

Download: The Rub – Going Back to Cali

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#TBT DJ Ayres – Space ‘N Faders

There’s just something about dance tunes from the 1980’s that always makes me incredibly happy. The energy and vibe of the music from this time period was unprecedented and laid a huge foundation for dance music as a whole. For our #TBT this week, we take a look back at DJ Ayres and his Space ‘N Faders mix, which he laced with great tracks from this era. Classics from the likes of Shannon, Depeche Mode, Rockwell, Nu Shooz and so many more essentials make up this excellent tracklist. Cool story about this mix is that it was Ayres’ first ever mix for Turntable Lab back in 2000 and Scott from Ten Deep did the cover art to completely compliment the vibe. Stream and download are below.

DJ Ayres – Space ‘N Faders by Dj Ayres on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Ayres – Space ‘N Faders

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While this week’s #TBT mix was more part of a specific promotional effort when it dropped almost three years ago, the music featured on Summer Of The Rub has played such an instrumental roll in my whole musical makeup and inspirations. Both of my parents were born in 1950 and so much of the music they introduced me to as a kid growing up was from this time period. Sounds like these always remind me of better times and the title appropriate, hint of summer. Eleven and Ayres again showcasing that unique sense of being able to completely dial in a vibe.

DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres (The Rub) – Summer of The Rub by Djeleven on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres – Summer Of The Rub (right click “save target as”)

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This week’s #TBT is in the spirit of 2000 and the debut run of the Spitkicker Tour curated by De La Soul. Ayres & Eleven smoothly run through this hour and change of head nod inducing classic collaborations they appropriately called Spitkicker Collabs 1. The tracklist features the original tour lineup up of De La, Common, Pharoahe Monch and a host other cuts that quickly remind you how fresh this time period in hip-hop really was. Grabbing De La Soul to also host the mix definitely didn’t hurt things either.

Eleven & Ayres – Spitkicker Collabos 1 by Djeleven on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Ayres & DJ Eleven – Spitkicker Collabos 1 (right click “save target as”)

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Glam Life 3

While it’s still winter and the cold maintains it’s grasp on so many of us, the bright side is the amount of daylight per day is slowly growing and the spring time vibe season is right around the corner. In an effort to capture that feeling a bit early, today’s #TBT revisits Eleven and Ayres’ Glamorous Life 3 mix that’s heavily rooted in the vibetank. 80’s R&B and Boogie classics are the modus operandi here and the listen alone should provide you with a pleasant jolt of warmth. Stream and download links are below.

Eleven & Ayres – The Glamorous Life 3 by Djeleven on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres – The Glamorous Life 3 (right click “save target as”)

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