7.20 – That New New

As we promised last week, #TNN is now a post where we feature a number of things recently released that we’re feeling. And this past week was an absolute overload with new albums dropping from the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Future, Tame Impala and many more. Damn near ‘Christmas in July’ if the cliche statement could become an actual reality. While there’s so much cool stuff to share with you, let’s narrow it down a bit to a few highlights. There’s the Beck featured Wide Open on the new Chems album that just oozes New Order. Future went ham over all of DS2 and easily one of the hardest tracks is the Drake featured Where Ya At. Tame Impala might be the classiest band in rock right now and their psychedelic pop accented dance-y feels are on full display with The Moment. Stream all 3 of these cool new tunes below right now.