Ayres x Ghostface Wrap-Up

I was out on tour opening for Ghostface all last week. It was a little bit of a challenge because I didn’t play any dirty south hip-hop, house, club, 80s or whatever else I’m used to playing, but I had fun with real schitt hip-hop and classic soul and reggae. It’s pretty awesome getting a room full of backpackers to sing along to Gloria Jones “Tainted Love.”

Ghost at Highline Ballroom in NY, photo by Ian Meyerprints for sale at Crewcial.org. (more pictures here).

Cappadonna killed it with those long breathless verses from Winter Wars and Daytona 500.  When he’s 48 bars in and still going the crowd just loses it.

Rhythm Roots Allstars unloading from the bus. These dudes kill it live, staying faithful to the original Ghostface instrumentals and freaking shit like Nautilus, No No No and La La Means I Love You. The old guy is our bus driver; he’s normally the driver for Good Charlotte.

My bunk on the bus is the size of a coffin but has its own DVD / CD / radio player. Scion puts us up in four star hotels but we don’t even sleep there.  To get from St Louis to Minneapolis for example we had to leave at like 3 AM so the hotel was just a really expensive place to shower and change clothes after the show.

Mike the 2600 King showed me around Minneapolis and took me to the Burlesque Design studios.

Wezz and Mike were printing MF Doom posters.