DJ Ayres EP & Video

The EP is finally here!

Buy it so I can pay my taxes! iTunes / Amazon / Juno / Turntable Lab

My friend Harry and I threw this video together for Flashing Lights:

DJ Ayres – Flashing Lights.

Vinyl Mondays

I’ve been putting up a new vinyl rip from my record collection every Monday at the Flashing Lights website. The loose category is dance music: everything from house to 80’s electro to classic techno to disco.

Grab those MP3s, and be sure to join us this Friday at Flashing Lights (at 88 Palace) with our special guest Congorock (Fool’s Gold).

Flashing Lights Update

Flashing Lights finally has a proper website.  We’ve been putting up tons of photos, mixes and MP3s from ripped from my record collection every Monday.  Check us out!


Flashing Lights is this Friday and RCRD LBL is giving away two tickets and four MP3s from our guests, Todd Edwards and Kingdom. Go get em!

RSVP at the Flashing Lights Website

PS here is a video from the last Flashing Lights party in Chinatown:

MeanRed & GoodPeoples CMJ 2009: Meet Us In Chinatown from Adam Saewitz on Vimeo.

Flashing Lights Photos




Flashing Lights photos (October 11, 2009) up at The Hi-Fi Cartel

Flashing Lights Flicks

Ayres A-Trak L-Sangre

Ayres Diplo Catchdubs

Jess Maggie Skittles

View the whole set on MRI Lightpainting’s Flickr Gallery and be sure to check out their Blog



froggy jess

View The HiFi Cartel’s whole set here:

Flashing Toadz



“Paypur / Smoke Rings” Single Release + Jess Jubilee Birthday Spectacular!
Toadally Krossed Out (Mad Decent) NYC Debut!

To celebrate the party we put together a new mix with a ton of our favorite music (and exclusives from Toadally Krossed Out, Nadastrom, Kid Sister & Kingdom, and a bunch more )

Download it (and RSVP for the party) here:

MRI Light Painting Website / Flickr

MRI Light Painting Website / Flickr

More MRI Light Painting Website / Flickr

More MRI Light Painting Website / Flickr

HOLY SHIT. The last couple of weeks months have been so crazy, there hasn’t been much time to post here. We’ll try to catch up soon, promise!

The Rub Halloween Pictures (Ian Meyer)

Flashing Lights Halloween

Flashing Lights 9/17/08 pix

Flicks from Flashing Lights