DJ Ayres on tour with Carte Blanche

I’m going out on tour for a couple of weeks with DJ Mehdi and Riton, who have a new project called Carte Blanche on Ed Banger records. Here is the video for Gare Du Nord, with classic dance footage from Detroit.

Blu Jemz will be joining us; he’s an old friend from Brooklyn who has at least 10 different things going on at any given time, including but not limited to his post-Dilla beats projects, dance-rap group Da Hardy Boyz, goth group Dark Dreams, Turntablelab Radio and on and on. He’s a sweetheart and a maniac and a hilarious dude. Here is his remix for Drop The Lime, which just came out on Trouble & Bass:

Drop the Lime – Sex Sax (Blu Jemz in Mellow Remix)

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DJ Mehdi, Riton, DJ Ayres & Blu Jemz
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 – Tampa
Wednesday, June 23 – Minneapolis
Thursday, June 24 – Bloomington
Wednesday, June 30 – Kansas City
Thursday, July 1 – Cleveland