Donwill EP on 11 Inch Records

The only days I wake up well before the alarm clock goes off are the days that I’ve got a new release from 11 Inch Records hitting the stores. So at 7:15 this morning, I was up-and-at-’em banging away at buy links & facebook sharing and the like spreading the word about yet another release that I’m really genuinely excited about. I’ll let the press release tell the story:

After years of rocking shows around the world with his partners in Tanya Morgan, Donwill has finally taken time to carve out his niche as a soloist. Following the critical acclaim of Tanya Morgan’s first two LPs Moonlighting and Brooklynati and his solo project, Don Cusack in High Fidelity, the native son of Cincinnati has teamed up with 11 Inch Records to release a single off of the album entitled “Love Junkie”.

The Wallpaper produced a-side is a funky ode to one night stands. Germany’s So Shifty flips it into a dancefloor filing UK Funky-influenced bass heavy banger. And “Look At Me”, an all new b-side produced by 1-O.A.K. of the Honor Roll, calls out all the silly behavior that goes on at music industry parties the world over. And, of course, Kalani nailed the art once again!

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