FOTR: Doc Adam

FOTR this week is Doc Adam. This staple of the Pacific Northwest, whether he’s in Seattle or Portland as he seems to migrate between the two, has been around since the Hollerboard days and is still holding court to this day. He’s always playing various different types of parties and rocking numerous styles, something that can be attested to his diverse musical palate. He’s also been a consistent contributor to the DJ edit game over the years. If you ever grabbed any of those edit packs on his Tumblr back in the day, consider yourself lucky to be sitting on that DJ weapon gold. As of late, he’s been steady updating his page (RIP Doc’s Soundcloud) with new and old edits that are all freely downloadable. He just threw up a bunch of new ones earlier this month and you can peep a small selection below. Click some of those socials and give this dude a follow as well.

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