We at The Rub love our neighbors to the North. The crop of DJ’s we play with in Canda never lets us down and we have made so many close friends over the years in our many travels there. Included in that are the Eh! Team DJ’s. These dudes are a DJ collective that consists of six world class DJ’s from different provinces, and they are your DJ’s kind of DJ’s. The turntablism skills amongst this crew can compete with anyone out there.

DJ Hedspin and DJ Pump, two of the six guys, are the cream of the crop you’ll see these days. Hedspin recently won the 2011 Red Bull Thre3Style National Finals with a set that left the best DJ’s in attendance quite floored. DJ Pump constantly throws out edits that end up in our sets. These guys are just beasts who are a must-see act if they come to your town.

They made a promo mix to promote their latest tour and damn if this mix isn’t incredible. Been on repeat all day at the office:

Keep up with the fellas at the Eh! Team DJ’s website HERE

Oh, and if you wanna see how DJ Hedspin won the Regional Finals this year for Red Bull, well, take a gander at this 15 minute set. Jesus!