Friends of The Rub – DJ Numark

DJ Numark got on my radar when he sent me 12″ promos from his label Correct Records, in 1996 when I first started DJing on college radio. I was a big fan of Mannish, Al Tariq and Black Attack, and of course Grav, who boasted the first Kanye production on wax. Of course Uncle Nu was also one of the founding members of Jurassic 5, who got tons of spins from Unified Rebelution and Jayou all the way through What’s Golden. We got to see him shred in front of a huge crowd of ravers at Shambhala about four years ago, rocking insane drum breaks, classic hip-hop and rare Brazillian cuts with impeccable scratching and finesse. And of course his signature bop! Skratch Bastid introduced us and he immediately went on our bucket list for guest DJs at The Rub, and oddly we shared the same booking agent, so we made it happen. Despite my getting lost after picking him up at the airport, and fucking up the recording when we interviewed him for Rub Radio, Numark was a total pro and his set at Southpaw was one of the highlights of our nine years there. Our crowd had no clue what to expect, and I am absolutely certain he left Brooklyn with 500 new fans.

Somehow we’ve come full circle: I just got three new colored vinyl 10″ singles from Numark in the mail, from his Broken Sunlight Series, featuring Large Professor, A-Skillz, Bumpy Knucklez, J-Live and Ernie Hines. Those drums! You can download them over at his website – DJ Ayres

Don’t miss out on his incredible “Wonder Wheel Mix” from a couple months ago, where he mixes the entire Wonder Wheel catalog together.