A family affair this week as we are proud to present our buddies Skratch Bastid (Paul Murphy) and The Gaff’s (Mike Gaff) new mixtape “Soul Sisters, Stand Up!” We’ve known these fellas for years now. Skratch Bastid’s played the Rub before and always shows up out of nowhere to hang out. He’s an incredibly accomplished DJ and producer that we love working with. As for The Gaff, well you all can come out this Saturday to see this man DJ at our 10 year anniversary party (July 28th at the Bellhouse). Check out his soundcloud page to get an idea of how prolific this guy is.

A lot of mixtapes have come and gone, but “Soul Sisters, Stand Up!” is something special. This is a tireless effort (2 parts!) and mixes together 50+ of all your favorite soul classics.

The selection here is top-notch, featuring tracks by Marlena Shaw, Nina Simone, Diana Ross, Betty Everett, and Aretha Franklin. This is the kind of mix you download and you play at house parties, by the pool, on the rooftop, wherever. You’ll be playing this mix years from now. This gets our full support. Enjoy!

Skratch Bastid & The Gaff – SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP! (100% Female Funk/Soul/R&B/Breaks) by Skratch Bastid on Mixcloud