Heavy Warmup

I’m starting a new mix series on my site called Heavy Warmup. I love this DJ slot, it’s the time of the night when people are getting their second drink, the dancefloor is just starting to fill up, and the DJ can tease the crowd with great forgotten jams and new secret weapons. So I’ve asked a bunch of my favorite DJs to record a heavy warmup mix and I’ll be posting a new one every couple of weeks on my website.

DJ Eleven – Heavy Warmup Vol 2

DJ Eleven throws down a Heavy Warmup set! Tony Toni Tone, Pharrell, Stevie Wonder, Nate Dogg and loads more of your favorite 11 PM jams, quick mixed to perfection. 

DJ Ayres – Heavy Warmup Vol 1

Here is Volume 1, recorded live at Bond in Las Vegas. Expect LL Cool J, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Ruff Ryders, Madonna, Neyo, Sharon Brown, Lil Louis, Janelle Monae, Robin S and a ton of unexpected 11 PM heat. Pre-bangers!  


One of the big inspirations for this series is Woodman’s 90s R&B Warmup CD, which you can download right here. So I’m starting the series off at Volume 0 with Woodman and as an added bonus he sent an lost interview about this classic mix. The inimitable Unemployed Lloyd does the honors.

Unemployed Lloyd: So how has your life changed since you made the RnB opener?

Woody Fu: My life has changed exactly zero. Actually that’s not true. Random people come into the lab and tell me that they love that R&B cd, that they see it lying around in CDJs at like Lotus or whatever.

Unemployed Lloyd: Your mix has probably been played at least once in every major club across the world. How does that make you feel?

Woody Fu: Like a chump! I totally tossed off that CD as like a “we are all lazy dudes” thing and everyone has it! Meanwhile I spend like 4 months making Metal on Metal with Michna and all we get is a write up in German Vice.

Unemployed Lloyd: The gigs must just be pouring in huh?

Woody Fu: Man I would not want gigs that come as a result of people hearing that CD. It would be like the W hotel Times Square x1000

Unemployed Lloyd: And the women? You probably have to beat them off with a rock filled sock.

Woody Fu: R&B opener CD is pretty good to make out to, I admit. You know what is not? “Afternoon Delight.” I made out to that once and the girl was like “can we change this?”

Unemployed Lloyd: Take us back to that time in your life. What kind of person was Woody then?

Woody Fu: I was hustling. It was like the only time in my life I hustled as a DJ. I was like on the Kevin clock, where I would be DJing 4 nights a week and saving money (because I’m Asian) and then meeting up with you guys for food at 4:30 at like 7A or whatever. That was right before Serato came out and I had to haul crates of records with doubles of Lean Back in them. Ugh I’m so happy Serato exists.

Unemployed Lloyd: What was going through your mind when you made RnB opener?

Woody Fu: “I am so lazy that I am going to make this and then that way the first hour I don’t have to spin records to an empty room like a chump, I can instead drink a beer.” Actually I think Andy [Roctakon] gave me the idea for it. I wanted to do another one with 80s R&B, but you know, lazy. Also Neil wanted to make a part 2! I was like “go for it dude.”

Unemployed Lloyd: Did you ever stop and think to yourself. Wow, I’ve really got something here?

Woody Fu: Definitely not

Unemployed Lloyd: Whats the process that went into picking each song? Was it a trial and error sort of thing or did you just know?

Woody Fu: I think I just dumped all my R&B jams onto the floor and put them in BPM order and took out the ones I thought were bad. There’s so much Bad Boy on that CD because BAD BOY R&B IS THE BEST I still can’t get over that Carl Thomas record. It’s so good!

Unemployed Lloyd: You must have sold tons of copies.  What did you do with all that money?

Woody Fu: I probably used it as credit and bought like DFA records from the Lab

PS  look at Woody’s hilarious comics! listen to his great music!