As Ayres mentioned a post or two back, I’m heading out on a Scion tour with Sinden, JOTS, and Frankie Chan for some middle-of-the-country shenanigans.  But there’s more…

Moma & I just dropped a freeload EP of a couple remixes, featuring the talents of Janet Jackson & Aaliyah, to drum up noise for our monthly Special Delivery party, which we’re relaunching this Saturday, April 10th at Manhattan’s SubMercer (147 1/2 Mercer Street, in the Mercer Hotel).  You can grab it at


I’ll also be making stops in Palm Springs (to nerd out & be a fan at Coachella & to rock with DJ Day, Gaslamp Killer, Huggs, and J-Boogie), Cincinnati, Cleveland (with Terry Urban), and Toronto (with Big Jacks, Bozack, and Mensa) around the Scion dates.  If you’ll be in any of those cities, head to for all the relevant details.  Over & out.