Redbull Thre3style


We’ve been a fan of the Thre3style battles for a while now. Each DJ plays for 15 minutes, and has to spin at least 3 different genres of music. They shift the focus from super technical scratching and beat juggling battles (ITF, DMC) to a longer, more open format, party rocking competition. So when Red Bull approached The Rub to host the event at Southpaw, we jumped on it, reaching out to a bunch of different types of DJs to make it a real fun diverse night of music. Here are the DJs in alphabetical order:

Boogie Blind
Sam French
Sammy Slice
Terry Urban
Vin Sol

We’re going to start the comp at 10 PM sharp so be sure to go ahead and get to Southpaw early to catch all these awesome DJs. After the winner is announced, it turns into The Rub, as Eleven, Cosmo and I will be playing the party after the battle.