Cosmo and Ayres went with the Smalltown DJs to Shambhala Festival in British Columbia last weekend. There were 10,000 hippies and ravers camping out in the woods, doing drugs and dancing. 6 stages, music 24/7, and amazing sound systems. Best. Rave. Ever.

The Fractal Forest during Ayres and Cosmo’s set

The beach stage at about 10 in the morning.

Everyone wore costumes all weekend.


Ayres and the Scratch Bastid

Cosmo is always groovy

Music highlights were DJ Numark – one of the best hip-hop and classics sets we’ve seen in our lives – Smalltown DJs, Malente, Drop The Lime, Vinyl Richie, Hugs, Scratch Bastid, Flosstradamus, Neighbor, Wax Romeo, Fort Knox 5 and Ursula 1000.