SXSW ’07 Pix

SXSW 2007, Austin TX (good photos by Ian Meyer, crummy ones by Ayres & Eleven)

SXSW festival last weekend was a tremendous amount of fun. There’s nothing like hanging out with friends from all over the world in 70 degree weather, seeing countless incredible musicians and djs for free all weekend, eating great food, and partying into the wee hours. Highlights (in no particular order): Ghostface Killah, The Melvins, Federation, Redman, Amy Winehouse, SWOLL, DJ Day, Mike 2600 King, Morse Code, Diplo, King Most, Catchdubs, DJ Mel, Prince Klasson, Smalltown DJs, Flosstradamus, A-Trak, Kid Sister, Vyle, Cool Kids, Federation, UGK, Rakim, Hier, DJ Haul, Revolution, Boris, Amanda Blank, Solico, RJD2, Nasa, breakdancing, bbq and Sabbath in the Motherfucking Park.

RIP IBM Thinkpad #2, all hail IBM Thinkpad #3. It’s nothing!