FOTR: Jon Kwest

FOTR this week (and to kick off 2017) is Jon Kwest out of DC. He’s been a heavy contributor to the moombahton scene since the jump and he’s been somewhat of torchbearer when it comes to putting compilations together with a creative spin. Even with it being awhile since his last one dropped, the excitement in the last 24 hours of a new comp for the new year has officially kicked in. “Soulove” is a newly released 18 track collection for charity (put together by other Rub homies such as DJ Melo, Deejay Theory, Doc Adam, Emynd, J-Boogie and others) to support Planned Parenthood and ACLU. Make sure and peep this fresh compilation below to contribute to the cause. Links to Kwest and all his socials are included as well.

Stay Up With Jon Kwest