Our next movie showing is SCARFACE and it’s coming up quick on July 5th!

There’s no shortage of iconic films from director Brian De Palma. But 1983’s SCARFACE is its own kind cocaine-dusted brilliance, which is part of what has made it the single most influential film on hip-hop culture. Some 30 years on, this story of the vicious side of the American dream reverberates heavily throughout popular culture — so much so that it’s nearly impossible to even say this movie’s name without conjuring that singular image of Tony Montana brandishing his “little friend.”

That makes it easy to forget there is real movie here that lives up to the hype. Oliver Stone is in top form as screenwriter and director Brian De Palma paints a bloody portrait like no other. Al Pacino is absolutely magnetic as the Cuban exile who quickly moves up the ranks of a drug cartel, displacing its leader while also seducing his woman (an excellent Michelle Pfeiffer). The wealth and power come with costs, and soon Tony finds those he cared for most to be lost to him. Things just get nastier as he tries to stay at the top — and every frame of it is downright electrifying.

After the screening, join us for more music, dancing and drinking at the House of Wax!