Turntable Lab Interview

Pete from Turntable Lab interviewed me about the challenges of being a professional DJ and running a record label, fatherhood and asian girls.

I’m doing all sorts of stuff from crazy ass raves in Canada to hardcore hip-hop and reggae parties in Brooklyn to playing between live acts at a concert to DJing the casino bar in Vegas. It’s harder but it also keeps things interesting. I rarely take gigs that won’t be fun, just for the money – I still have to be able to “do me” but that can mean a lot of things because I love Taio Cruz “Dynamite” as much as I love Tensnake or Munchi or whatever. So it’s still engaging. And I have this thing in me, when there’s loud music and I’m in that environment, it doesn’t matter how tiring my day was with my daughter or what kind of mood I’m in, when I go on, a switch just flips in me and I’m 100% awake and focused.

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