Inspiration: Gilles Peterson

Legendary UK DJ Gilles Peterson has a new interview series where he talks to big DJs about the psychology of DJing, which is kind of an untapped topic, and really interesting to us for obvious reasons. He digs in on questions like balancing partying and health, motivation, bad gigs, accessing emotions through music – really all sorts of things that go through our minds at work and after. You can hear the first five episodes on Mixcloud, and a good place to start is with The Black Madonna, who tells a remarkable story of completely dumping her DJ career and starting over from scratch.

10.17 – TNN

Nick Catchdubs directed this new video for Sammy Bananas, starring his very potty-mouthed toddler! So Sammy is a great DJ and musician, you can hear him playing sax on “21,” which is already impressive, but you have to admire the dedication of someone willing to bring a life into this world simply to star in a music video. DJ Khaled and Sammy, that’s pretty much the list of DJs who have that kind of forethought and drive. If this isn’t played at Arthur’s wedding when he grows up, I’m walking out.

ALSO, Sammy has a remix out for B. Bravo “Freak It,” which we added to our TNN playlist but didn’t talk about yet – it’s dope too and you should for sure check it out.

Riton had one of our favorite songs of the summer, “Money,” and he’s back with “Deeper,” a majestic gospel-house anthem featuring MNEK. They interpolate C&C Music Factory & Arethra Franklin’s “Pride (A Deeper Love),” which is a little risky as it’s one of the top 10 or 20 house records of all time, but they do it great justice. Riton can do no wrong as far as we’re concerned, and this will probably be a massive hit in Europe going into the winter.

We can’t say it enough times, follow us on Spotify to listen to all these songs and more, as we’re adding new favorites all the time. We’ve just added tracks by Gucci Mane, Kastle, Disciples and more!

Rub Radio October 2017

If you’ve come to The Rub any time in the last 5 years, you’ve been treated to Prince Klassen’s opening and closing sets. He has an excellent show on The Lot called Wild Combination, plus every so often we give him the keys to Rub Radio, and this is one of those instances. Klassen spins new music by Action Bronson, Mura Masa, Cool Kids, Kid Cudi, Chronixx and more!


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Action Bronson – The Choreographer
Washed Out – Burn Out Blues (Prince Klassen edit)
Mura Masa feat Tom Tripp – Helpline
Brockhampton – Sweet
The Cool Kids – Checkout
Tate Kobang – Bank Roll (DJ Baysik Intro edit)
Slum Village – Raise It Up (Excel’s Sample edit)
Diddy – Get Off
Soho – Hot Music
Mary J Blige & Kaytranada – Telling The Truth
Maka & Durkin – Waterworld
Kid Cudi feat Pharrell – Surfin’
Mpeach – Malania
Wizkid feat Bucie – All For Love
Chronixx – Queen Majesty

10.9 – TNN

We quietly announced a couple of weeks ago that we’re making Spotify playlists now, so ICYMI, jump on that and give us a follow!

So, new albums by Kelela, AC Slater and Jhene Aiko!

Kelela makes pillowy R&B with excellent production, and the album is so consistent that it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite. The whole record is like a breezy nap after epic sex. Jhene Aiko’s record is not a disimilar vibe, but with a few big features, including our favorite rapper turnt singa of the last few, Swae Lee (of Rae Sremmurd). AC Slater is an old friend, but we’re completely unbiased in saying this album bangs. Outsiders has a UK house sound throughout, with a ton of great vocalists – it’s full on party music for discerning ravers. Alright, we’re off to work on our costumes for Oct 28 at The Bell House, so until next week, keep it wavey.

Announcement: Spotify Playlists

Not sure what took us so long, but we’ve finally joined the rest of humanity in 2017 in making playlists on Spotify. Well ok, we do know what took us so long: we’ve been putting a lot of work in every month on Rub Radio for at least 12 years, and it feels like a bummer to share music without mixing it on turntables (or at least in Ableton) BUT you can’t deny the convenience of Spotify. We’re going to keep giving you a Rub Radio mix every month on Brooklyn Radio, and we’ll keep picking out new records on Mondays for our long-running feature That New New, but now you can also follow us on Spotify. To kick things off, we compiled all the TNN tracks from the summer, above. Keep checking back, as we will be adding more playlists each week.

9.18 – TNN

Juicy J’s new tape is out, hosted by Taylor Gang. If you’re a Three 6 Mafia fan, you already know what to expect – hilarious, over-the-top rap songs, simple and plain. Here are three more new songs we’re jamming:

“On Hold” was already our favorite song off of I See You, The xx’s album from last winter. That Hall & Oates sample over Arthur Baker sound-alike 808 drums just gets stuck in your head! And the video brings to mind nothing if not Dazed & Confused, brilliantly channeling that tension between heartbreak and ecstasy in a small town Texas high school. And so this new Jamie xx Remix takes both vocals and sample from the original and builds up a beautiful deep house record, translating it perfectly for the club. Alasdair McLellan, the photographer who is responsible for a handful of xx videos, remixed his OG video, speeding up the edits to fit Jamie’s vocal chops – pretty clever!

Yes we talked about Syd last week, deal with it! The Cool Kids are back after a six year hiatus, and their new record features Jeremih, A-Trak, Smoke DZA, and a whole host of underground Chicago rappers. The vibe is kind of timeless hip-hop – breakbeats, samples and lyrics never go out of style.

LA’s Nosaj Thing (pr. “no such thing”) really thrives as a producer of full length albums, and he just released a new one on Innovative Leisure entitled Parallels. We always vibe to his LPs, which are more for the headphones than for the club, though there are a few uptempo tracks here and there. It’s mostly beautiful instrumentals, but all three vocal features are terrific – Steve Spacek, Zuri Marley and Kazu Makino. This is Nosaj Thing’s second collaboration with Kazu (vocalist for Blonde Redhead), after 2012’s “Eclipse/Blue.”

9.11 – TNN

Lunice first came to our attention with Hitmane’s Anthem, a favorite back in 2010. He makes hip-hop instrumentals, influenced by Southern rap but with a focus on dramatic sound design. Inarguably, of the best songs to come out of the first big wave of electronic “Trap” was Higher Ground, which Lunice did as TNGHT with partner Hudson Mohawke. Now he has his first album, CCCLX (360), and you’re going to want to smoke a joint and listen to this on really good headphones.

Syd is 1/2 of The Internet, and a principal member of the Odd Future crew, along with Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Johnny Eraserhead and Susan the Sentient Razor Scooter. Given the edgy, grimy rap they became famous for, much it produced by Syd, it’s remarkable that they’re also responsible for some of the best straight-ahead R&B of this decade. Syd’s new EP is called ALWAYS NEVER HOME and it’s just beautiful.

In searching out new music for this week, we stumbled across a record by a group we love, which came out in June, but we completely missed it back then. Poolside is a duo comprised of one of the members of Junior Senior, Filip Nicolik, and San Francisco DJ and producer Jeffrey Paradise, and their first album Pacific Standard Time could best be described as blissful, laid-back disco. Their new record is called Heat, and it’s a bit more diverse, with island influences to complement the groovy feel of their earlier records.

TBT: Best of Jay-Z

art by RHEK


Now that everyone has had plenty of time to fully digest 4:44, we can throw it back to this “Best of Jay-Z” mix from 2009.  It’s funny to look back at the shade in the title “When Jay-Z Was Good,” but to be fair Hov was at a low point in his artistic output: post-Roc-A-Fella crew supremacy, but pre-Watch The Throne comeback.  Keeping that in mind, here’s what I wrote back when it first dropped:

“Here are a bunch of my favorite Jay-Z songs, mostly album cuts with a few freestyles and secret joints thrown in for good measure. Since Jay “retired” and came back, his music hasn’t sounded as urgent or hungry to me. He sounds like he’s coasting along, so I wanted to go back and pull out a bunch of his music that made you bob your head, marvel at his flow, puff out your chest, or even raise the little hairs on the back of your neck. The feelings you got from songs like “Where I’m From,” “D’Evils,” “1-900-Hustler” and “You Don’t Know.” Not included: #1 singles you’ve heard a million times, lazy one-take flows, lyrics about inventing the button-down shirt, songs dissing rappers who would later be signed to Jay-Z’s label, and songs produced by Eminem.”


Hova Song / Intro
Where I’m From
PSA (Just Blaze Remix)
Crew Love (ft. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel)
Squeeze First
Lyrical Exercise
Watch Me
Snoopy Track
Parking Lot Pimpin’ (ft. Beanie Sigel)
It’s Like That
Coming of Age (ft. Memphis Bleek)
Coming of Age (Da Sequel ft. Memphis Bleek)
A Week Ago (ft. Too $hort)
Calling My Name
Laser in Your Ear
22 Two’s
44 Four’s (live)
Blunts and Army
Rap Game Crack Game
South Philly Niggaz
I Am Hov
Reservoir Dogs (ft. The Lox, Beanie Sigel and Sauce Money)
People’s Court
Can I Live
U Don’t Know (remix ft. M.O.P.)
Early This Morning
1-900-Hustler (ft. Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Memphis Bleek)
Young Black and Gifted
The Streets (ft. R-Kelly)
This Can’t Be Life (ft. Beanie Sigel)
Soon You’ll Understand
In My Lifetime (Big Jaz radio remix)

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