Rub Radio Oct: Prince Klassen

Rub Radio (October 2015) by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

You know him, you love him, ladies and gentlemen, Prince Klassen!


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The Rub Halloween


This year Halloween fell on a weekend! The Rub is nearly a week before Oct 31 this year but that’s not going to stop us from putting on costumes and playing Thriller. Plus friends of The Rub Jubilee & Lindsey will be freaking the front room!

Prince Klassen – MiMS Mix # 33

Here’s my mellow Prince Klassen’s latest mix; I’ll let him tell you about it:

MIMS Guest Mix: PRINCE KLASSEN (Turntable Lab, NYC) by Music Is My Sanctuary on Mixcloud

Hey everyone,

Hope all is well. I wanted to send over the first part of my latest DJ mix series that I am very proud of. The mix is made up entirely of the works of Japanese super musician Yamashita Tatsuro and this first volume was made specially for Music Is My Sanctuary. Most are familiar with his hits ‘Merry Go Round’ or ‘Dancer’ and while I love those songs, I wanted to go a little deeper into his catalog as a solo artist and a studio artist.
That said となりのたつろ pt.1 features solo, studio, and cover work all praising the legendary Japanese musician. The mix spans from doo wop to boogie, reggae to city pop soul & a ballad for good measure. All genres Tatsuro has surely rekindled in his long and prolific career.
Please feel free to share amongst your friends and I hope you enjoy it!
Direct Download (right click, save)となりのたつろ pt. 1 by Prince Klassen
Read more about it (includes DL link): となりのたつろ by Prince Klassen