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We’ve got 100 skip-the-line tickets for tomorrow’s party and they’re going fast! $15 (with zero ticket fees) jumps you right past a cold wait in line, regardless of when you show up to The Bell House.


#TBT DJ Eleven – I Love Soul

DJ Eleven - I Love Soul

February is quickly coming to a close this week, but that’s no reason to give up on love. Love honestly really knows no boundaries, genres or even specific eras of time. In fact, I’d go so far to say that love will always and forever be “in”, especially when it comes to music, art and the freedom of expression. DJ Eleven embodies this vibe so well for our #TBT this week with a revisit to his I Love Soul mixtape. Timeless favorites from all eras and walks of life, all brought together by a dense love for soul.

I Love Soul by Djeleven on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Eleven – I Love Soul (right click “save target as”)

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The Bladerunners

Boston natives and one our favorite DJ duos, The Bladerunners, are this month’s welcomed guests to The Rub this Saturday night at The Bell House in Brooklyn. DJ 7L and DJ Braun Dapper recently let their killer catalog full of essential remixes loose on the Beat Junkies record pool. 7L has also just launched the redesign of his Get On Down website loaded with classic LPs and vintage music memorabilia. Saturday night, however, will see them in their comfort zone behind the decks where these dudes always seem to make magic.

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The Rub February Flyer


Rub Radio February 2015

Rub Radio (February 2015) by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud



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Glam Life 3

While it’s still winter and the cold maintains it’s grasp on so many of us, the bright side is the amount of daylight per day is slowly growing and the spring time vibe season is right around the corner. In an effort to capture that feeling a bit early, today’s #TBT revisits Eleven and Ayres’ Glamorous Life 3 mix that’s heavily rooted in the vibetank. 80’s R&B and Boogie classics are the modus operandi here and the listen alone should provide you with a pleasant jolt of warmth. Stream and download links are below.

Eleven & Ayres – The Glamorous Life 3 by Djeleven on Mixcloud

Download: DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres – The Glamorous Life 3 (right click “save target as”)

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FOTR: Four Color Zack

Four Color Zack

Four Color Zack’s breakout in the last few years has put him near the top of the whole DJ stratosphere. As 2012 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion and an all around great dude, he’s currently out on this year’s Thre3style circuit judging the competitions and flexing a nightly performance. You can keep up with the ongoing Thre3style schedule here.

Also, keep tabs on him and DJ Scene as they have a collaborative production project dropping next month on Fool’s Gold.  As a teaser, they’ve been dropping free tunes steady over on Soundcloud.

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Bring on the Love Remixes

In an effort to spread the love this Valentine’s Day, The Rub is proud to present a fresh stack of remixes of “Bring on the Love”, featuring with Tatiana Owens. Vibes and feels are always at high levels on this lovers’ holiday and now there’s three brand new versions of this single to fully enhance your sensory experience. In this special delivery release pack, you’ll find a fresh Jersey Club take from Gutta, a romantic downtempo interpretation from The Slow Waves, and a sexy disco house flip from Michael The Lion. Grab all three remixes now (and the originals!) to make your 2015 Valentine’s Day experience complete.


#TBT DJ Ayres – Best Of Young Jeezy

Ayres Best Of Jeezy

Young Jeezy’s catalog has been essential since “Dem Boyz” & “So Icy” and The Snowman arguably has the best ad libs in rap.  For our TBT this week, we revisit when Ayres pulled the power move back in 2008 and knocked out this Best Of Young Jeezy mix with 34 essentials from the early half of Jeezy’s catalog. Time machine turn up here like woah.

Download: DJ Ayres – Best Of Young Jeezy (right click “save target as”)

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If you know anything about The Rub, you already know we go way back with Nick Catchdubs. Whether it’s his graphic design chops, his DJ sets, his Fool’s Gold crew, or his production work… Nick is that dude.  Here is the lead single, “Wuts That” featuring B.I.C., off of his upcoming Smoke Machine album, which is due to drop April 28th. The tune and the video are both a lot of fun.  You can cop the single here and get prepped for that debut full length coming soon.

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