Queen Majesty shot by Really Nathan
Queen Majesty has been one of our closest homies for a long time. Her involvement with Deadly Dragon Sound in New York’s Reggae world is unquestionable and her knowledge in the genre is untouchable.

With her long running radio show on East Village Radio recently coming to an end (RIP EVR), her focus has turned towards her amazing hot sauces and now legendary club night, Downtown Top Ranking.
queen majesty hot sauce

We are stoked to have Queen Majesty joining us this Saturday at The Rub. She will be rocking the front room with another FOTR, DJ Marvel, from Canadia. Until then get a ginger beer, roll one up, and listen to a mix she did a few months back for The Good Life.

Stay Up With Queen Majesty


Rub Radio November

The Rub Radio November 2014

Rub Radio (November 2014) by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

 All dance vibes this month!

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The Rub November


New York’s 10 Best DJs


Lots of family in this list, including The Rub!

FOTR: Misun


We go way back with Misun: their “The Sea” EP was released on Ayres & Tittsworth’s T&A records, and The Rub collaborated with them on the awesome “Feel You”. We’re really stoked on their debut album, which just came out this week!. They cover a ton of styles, from rock to pop, R&B to western without sounding inauthentic or stagey, and the songwriting is confident and fun.

Red Bull Three Style image

The last call is here to enter Red Bull’s 2015 Thre3style World Finals! With a long list of Friends Of The Rub that have competed and even taken the crown, Four Color Zack, Moma, Mike 2600, Hedspin, Skratch Bastid + more, we wanted to let all our other homies know you still have some time to enter. This coming year’s world finals will be held in Tokyo, so don’t hesitate and if anything you get to go to Tokyo and reenact Bill Murray’s karaoke scene with all your best buds.

– Fill in the form below.
– Upload a 5 minute VIDEO of your Thre3style set to the site on the form. Just you in the studio doing your thing, shot from an angle where we can see what you’re doing – make sure the file name contains your DJ name and country.
– Leave us wanting more.
– If selected you’ll be contacted with the info provided below.
– Don’t worry, your video will remain private and only seen by our judges.

Your Judges
Jazzy Jeff
Skratch Bastid
Four Color Zack (2012 Red Bull Thre3style Champion)
Hedspin (2011 Red Bull Thre3style Champion)

Think you got what it takes? Send in your application here

Bean Trill


Buy The Rub coffee cups at store.itstherub.com

FOTR: Theo Bark

Theo Bark The Hundreds

Theo Bark (aka Wise King T, aka Bad Barks, aka the bald white guy with a beard on the left in the picture) has been a friend of The Rub since we were working with Spitkicker. In fact, Theo A&R’ed this mix that Eleven did with Spitkicker and MF Doom:

DJ Eleven & MF Doom – Next Spit 3 by Djeleven on Mixcloud

In the years since, Theo made some great music videos for Jazzy Jeff & Peedi Crack, Marco Polo & Masta Ace, and Hezekiah & Bilal. He’s also become one of the most hilarious and perceptive people writing about music.

Take the rest of the afternoon off and catch up on Theo’s observations about music festivals at The Huffington Post, Thump, and Animal New York. (His piece on attending HARD Summer sober is particularly great.) Also, you can watch him interviewing a gazillion up-and-coming artists over at Huff Post Live.

Keep up with all FOTR here

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I wrote about 80s Freestyle in The Fader years ago but never did a full length mix until now. Tracklist, and a repost of the article, below.

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The Rub Halloween Photos by ShoShots

YES 1 14.10.25 TheRub_284

YES 2 14.10.25 TheRub_346

YES 14.10.25 TheRub_350

yes 14.10.25 TheRub_105

YES 14.10.25 TheRub_110

YES 14.10.25 TheRub_113

See more at The Rub Facebook Page or click below.

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