Favorite Things Vol. 1 edition of Rub Radio from last year was a new theme to an old tried and true idea. The goal is to do mixes with some of our favorite records of all time. The idea is to approach making a mix like you would back in high school, where you put on songs you love and want to share with a crush, or your best friend. Maybe time for round two of this soon? Revisit this great series kick-off from Ayres with the stream above and the free download below.

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FOTR: Fool’s Gold

FOTR this week is the team that is Fool’s Gold Records. Founded by A-Trak, Nick Catchdubs and Dust La Rock (RIP) in 2007, they’ve branded themselves as a true innovator and tastemaker in terms of the music they release and how they present themselves as an entity in the music business. They’ve always been super supportive of The Rub and we consider them family for it. This coming Saturday is Fool’s Gold Day Off NYC at the Coney Art Walls and features a crazy lineup of acts like Jay Electronica, Flosstradamus, boss man A-Trak, PNB Rock, recently added Trippie Redd and many others. Tickets can still be copped right HERE. Don’t miss it!

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8.14 – That New New

TNN rolls along as Summer really feels like it’s winding down somewhat and it is really only a matter of time before it’s pumpkin spice everything everywhere. There are some big releases around the corner (as there are everywhere) and this time and we’ve got a couple in this weeks nu nu. First up is the second offering from Queens of the Stone Age’s new LP produced by Mark Ronson due at the end of the month. Does it save Rock ‘N Roll from it’s inevitable demise? Probably not but it sounds as healthy as rock has sounded in years. Next up is the first sign of the return of Kelela (FINALLY). After lacing the world with her debut EP almost half a decade ago, she’s been mute. “LMK” is such a great return and we get a full LP in October. Finally is the ever consistent and fresh Brock Hampton with their latest. Feels like the drop something weekly at this point and it’s always dope. Check out all three in full below.

TBT this week takes us back to 2008 with our History of Hip-Hop mix. This interesting year of rap was peppered with a number of interesting tracks and trends. “Royal Flush” noted the beginning of the end of Outkast as a group project, even though the tune itself was so tough. Rick Ross really started to spread his wings as a super star with “The Boss”, which also featured T-Pain who was in the midst of a multi-year flex. Lil Wayne was securing his place as the “best rapper alive” with “A Milli”, arguably his most important tune ever. Acts like Pitbull, John Legend Common, Flo Rida and Snoop Dogg all started experimenting with dance-y tunes and faster tempos. Yes hip-hop was alive and well in 2008. Revisit this mix with the stream above and the free download below.

History of Hip-Hop 2008 (right-click, save as)
artwork by Rhek (Sharks & Hammers)

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FOTR: Anna Lunoe

FOTR this week is Anna Lunoe. She’s established herself as a true mogul in dance music after relentless touring, making the Hyperhouse brand explode through her Beats 1 Radio show as well as steadily releasing music with her production work and vocal prowess. In the U.S. alone, she’s gone from playing illegal warehouse raves to less than 100 people in Kansas City close to 10 years ago (I was there) to touring with folks like Jack U and playing every major festival stage you can think of. She closed out a long run of constant touring this past weekend at the 10 year anniversary of HARD Summer while 8 months pregnant. She’s about to take an extended break to have her baby and we wish her and her family the absolute best. Check out her latest single below and make sure to keep up with Anna on all her socials.

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8.7 – That New New

TNN for August starts the flex with some killer next “electronic” tunes from some friends, some familiar names and maybe 1 that’s brand new to you. First up is a brand new one from DJ Sliink who’s been relatively quiet since signing with OWLSA. Maybe this is the sign that’s about to change with this fresh club banger featuring Skrillex and Wale. Second is a brand new single from DJDS (Jerome LOL and Samo Soundboy) that’s simply gorgeous. Their post “Life of Pablo” contributions are sounding great so far. Finally, we’ve got a cut from the brand new LP from NY duo HDLSS that’s super playful and poppy. Check out all 3 in full below.

This week for TBT, we dig deep into The Rub mixtape lore and revisit “The Glamorous Life” mix put together by Eleven and Ayres. It was the first of three and featured classic Boogie / R&B / New Jack Swing cuts from the likes of Sheila E, Bobby Brown, SOS Band, Vanity, Gap Band + so many more. Listen above or download here(right click, save).

7.31 – That New New

It’s truly great to celebrate 15 years of The Rub and looking back and everything, but new music continues to drop and we continue to look ahead to what’s next. I.e…it’s good to stay inspired and open. And TNN this week features some killer new tunes, per usual. First up is the latest from Corbin (aka Spooky Black) and it’s the first thing we’ve heard from him in some time. Easily one of the more intriguing vocal talents in music right now and “Ice Boy” does not disappoint. Next we see a new effort from PC Music boss A.G. Cook, who decided to do a note-for-note cover of Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker” after having to play at Field Day Festival at the same time as the IDM legend. Finally is TNN mainstay Amine and a super catchy track from his recently released LP featuring Nelly of all people. Stream all three in full below.

The Rub July 2017 (15 Year Anniversary)

This Saturday we are celebrating The Rub 15 year anniversary. It’s remarkable to look back at the beginning of the party – Giuliani was mayor, downtown Manhattan was a mess (including nightlife), and Brooklyn only had a handful of proper clubs. In fact Southpaw was the largest club we’d ever promoted ourselves, and here we have to give a huge shoutout to Mikey Palms for having the vision to put us in there, since we wouldn’t have had the ambition to try and fill a venue that big, certainly not monthly. But the first night was super fun, and word spread fast that there was a party in Park Slope with all the music you grew up on mixed with all the new sh*t – hip-hop, yes, but also disco, eighties, house, dancehall, funk. The cover was $3, smoking was still allowed in bars, drinks were cheap, party photography wasn’t a thing yet, and MySpace didn’t exist, much less Facebook. We would print our posters at Kinko’s and staple them up around the neighborhood, but mostly we grew because people told their friends that they didn’t have to go to Manhattan to dance on the first Saturday every month. Of course back then The Rub wasn’t the only thing we had going on – we were releasing mix CDs and playing other parties – but The Rub started getting press, including a writeup in the New York Times alongside Hollertronix and Danger Mouse, and a pick for best new party in the Village Voice. That led to touring the US, Canada and overseas, and we began sharing our stage with DJs from all over the world, who we met in our travels. Then, after nearly ten years of lines around the block, Southpaw was abruptly sold, and we scrambled to find a new venue in the neighborhood, with The Bell House being really the only serious contender. All of a sudden we found ourselves in an even bigger club, a little further south but for us that just meant no more noise complaints! And though our goal was just to survive, somehow the party kept growing, each month more packed than the last.

This Saturday, we drink to you! If it wasn’t for all the people who keep coming to dance month after month, year after year, we would have given up on our dreams and gotten day jobs a long time ago. And not to beat our chests too hard, but in a time when the city’s landscape is littered with mainstream EDM clubs owned by big corporations, New York nightlife needs The Rub!

7.29 – Skip-the-line Tickets

We’ve got 100 skip-the-line tickets available now for tomorrow night’s 15 year anniversary party at The Bell House. $15 (all in…no fees) jumps you right past the line and straight through the door to the festivities. If you can’t get any of these tickets in time, don’t worry…there will be plenty of tickets at the door. Special guests this month are DJ mOma and Max Glazer. We hope to celebrate with you all tomorrow night!