TBT today to our History of Hip-Hop Mix from 1997. This year is easily identified as a cornerstone year of golden era hip-hop. Some of the greats laid down some bonafied classics in this 12 month period and they are clearly represented in this mix. Biggie flexed with the release of “Life After Death” right after he was lost to a senseless murder. Wu Tang returned with their second full length as fans went full blown nutso. Gang Starr dropped another classic LP. Master P solidified a full blown No Limit movement with the release of “Ghetto D”. Mase, MF Doom, The Beatnuts, Redman and more solidified their place in the scene with top shelf tunes as well. Check the mix in full below by stream or download.

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TBT this week takes a look back to our History of Hip-Hop mix from 2000. What an insane year for rap and this track list backs that up. Shyne busted on the scene with the spirit of Biggie. Outkast released Stankonia, their biggest album to date. The Neptunes absolutely dominated the radio with massive hits from Mystikal, Jay-Z and more. Slum Village bust out and Common released “Like Water For Chocolate” which began the full blown fanboy complex with Dilla. DJ Premier was on the scene stronger than ever with massive cuts with M.O.P., D’Angelo and Royce da 5’9. So much more to reminisce about but you should just do yourself a favor and press play. Stream above and download link below.

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TBT this week to 2009 and The Rub’s History of Hip-Hop from that wonderful year. Uptempo party rap had become very much a thing with Pitbull, LMFAO, Kid Sister and Chelley but the South’s imprint was so strong that one-hit wonders on the pop breakthrough tip had become very common place (see Hurricane Chris, GS Boyz, New Boyz, etc). Jay-Z had his first #1 hit ever with “Empire State of Mind”. Lil’ Wayne and Young Money ruled the airwaves completely. And Drake was this new star from that camp that everyone still new better as Wheelchair Jimmy. Most everyone was just surprised any rapper from Canada could matter on the charts. Revisit this mix in full above and peep the tracklist below.

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TBT this week as we go into Rub Saturday and we look back to our Hip-History Mix from 1999. Real question here: Is there a year in the last 20 years of hip-hop that had as many forever anthems drop than ’99? This mix is loaded with so many of them from start to finish from the likes of Nas, Mobb Deep, DMX, Dr. Dre, Trick Daddy, Juvenile, Hot Boys, The Beatnuts, Jay-Z, Nelly, Q-Tip, Black Rob and this list goes on when you dive into that next level of more “conscious” bangers with Dead Prez, Mos Def, Gang Starr, Common, The Roots, Slum Village, Lootpack, Handsome Boy Modeling School, MF Doom, etc all bringing massive heatrocks that you still hear out in clubs (if you go support dope djs that is). Like 1999 may not be the best year ever for hip-hop, but it might be the most important ever for DJ weaponry. Revisit this mix and keep a tally how many anthems from ’99 get dropped this Saturday at The Bell House.

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#TBT – History of Hip-Hop

As we get closer to celebrating the 14th anniversary of The Rub, it’s always a time to reflect. And as our (mostly) weekly TBT section focuses on that exact notion, we’ll be reminiscing about some of the larger projects we’ve been a part of in the coming weeks. First up is our History of Hip-Hop series we did with our friends over at Brooklyn Radio. This extensive mix series looks back at some of the greatest Hip-Hop and Rap tunes of every year from 1979 all the way up until 2009, celebrating 3 decades of the music that’s been so influential to us and the rest of the world. Check out just a few favorites below. And feel free to take some time and revisit the interview with Brooklyn Radio that was done when the series was completed as well!

Get em all here: http://www.itstherub.com/category/history-of-hip-hop/

The History of Hip Hop 2004 by Brooklyn Radio on hearthis.at

TBT this week looks back 12 years to 2004 with DJ Ayres in the mix for this episode of our history of hip-hop series. You’ve got so much going on in this episode that’s so notable today it’s kind of crazy. “College Dropout” Kanye was all the rage but absolutely none of us knew what Yeezy would mean to music in 2016. Snoop swooped in with a massive comeback single with The Neptunes (of course) on the beat. Fabolous released arguably his best single ever in “Breathe”. Lil Jon fever was owning the clubs all over the country. Lil Wayne was showing signs of becoming more than just a Cash Money afterthought and just maybe he might be a dope rapper. And there was that collab album from Madlib and MF Doom blew everyone’s mind who heard it. That’s just scratching the surface on 2004 but you can revisit it all in full with the stream above and the DL below.

Download: History of Hip-Hop 2004 (Mixed By DJ Ayres) (right-click, save as)

artwork by Rhek (Sharks & Hammers)

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TBT this week is our History of Hip-Hop mix outlining the greatness that was 2001. It’s definitely making us feel a bit old that these songs are 15 years old now and the fact that some of these have been DJ set staples for that long just seems crazy. There is simply a flood of legendary material from 2001 in this mix from the likes of Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Ludacris, Outkast, Eve, Nas, Mystikal and Jay-Z. The Neptunes and Timbaland were in top form this year too. It’s ridiculous how much they both provided the soundtrack for everything. Revisit this killer year in Hip-Hop below.



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#TBT this week is the History of Hip-Hop mix from 2006. It’s truly hard to believe these tracks are 10 years old at this point since so many of them still get heavy rotation in so many DJ sets. Forever anthems in here from Rick Ross, T.I., Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, E-40, Clipse and many more. It’s arguable that some of these rappers became icons with their hit tunes from 2006. Either way you feel on that, fact is this mix is loaded with 10 year old fire tunes and well worth the revisit below.

The Rub’s Hip-Hop History 2006 Mix by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

The History of Hip Hop 2006 by Brooklyn Radio on hearthis.at

Download: History of Hip-Hop 2006 (Mixed By DJ Eleven) (right-click, save as)

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TBT this week is the History of Hip-Hop mix for we did for 1986. It’s crazy to think this mix now references music that’s three decades old. Music featured here from legends like The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, King Tee, Eric B. & Rakim, Kool Moe Dee and more still sounds as fresh as it did 30 years ago. Shouts again to our friends at Brooklyn Radio for re-upping all of this mixes to Hearthis.at, which allows streams and downloads directly. Streaming for both Hearthis.at and Mixcloud are below along with a link to a direct DL. Make sure and also revisit the whole series HERE.

The History of Hip Hop 1986 by Brooklyn Radio on hearthis.at

Download: History of Hip-Hop 1986 (right-click, save as)

Artwork by Rhek for Sharks and Hammers

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Hip-Hop History Re-Up

Brooklyn Radio has uploaded all of our Hip-Hop History mixes to Hearthis.at, which allows streams and downloads. Get em here: http://www.itstherub.com/category/history-of-hip-hop/