4.24 – That New New

TNN this week feels a bit thin. Maybe it’s because we’ve had such a flow of big records and big names dropping big records. There was some good tunage that dropped last week though and here’s some stuff of note. Big Boi has announced a 3rd solo LP and the first samples of what it will sound like is out. Yeah it’s got Adam Levine on this first track but DJ Dahi and DJ Khalil are on the beat and it’s kinda fire. MØ is also resurfacing with some new solo stuff and “Nights With You” has some stellar production from Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco and Sophie. Finally, we’ve got Jessie Perez dropping her debut EP and it just oozes future superstar. Hairs standing up on your arm type chills with her talent and sound. Peep all 3 in full below.

4.17 – That New New

TNN is here this week to say 1 thing really. There was other music that dropped last week other than Kendrick Lamar’s new album that effectively broke the internet Thursday night. As it was a landmark release, it’s been fluffed and refuted enough. Let’s talk about some other stuff. First up is a fire opening track from Little Dragon’s last LP which also came out on K.Dot day. Next is Cousin Stizz as he continues is steady climb and his latest features Offset from Migos. Finally we’ve got a fun new party tune from Mal & Squid. Stream all 3 in full below.

4.10 – That New New

TNN just keeps on trucking in 2017. While the world around us is in a constant state of complete flux, the music world has absolutely been stepping up. This past Friday saw a crazy amount of stellar new LP releases and only one of those acts is featured here. Content is coming from everywhere. Case in point, we’ve got new music from Frank Ocean again already and it features Jay-Z and Tyler, the Creator and he dropped it on his Beats 1 Radio show. Future Islands dropped their first album in 3 years this past Friday and it rips like only they can. Finally, we’ve got a super fresh new one from LEYYA in “Zoo” that feels ripe for an infectious synch placement. You can stream all 3 in full below.

4.3 – That New New

TNN rolls right into April and that last week of March contained some great new music. K. Dot pops up with his 2nd new joint in as many weeks and this time with a mind-blowing video to accompany the music. Is “Humble” on that next level that Kendrick has been on for years now or is it a case of playing down to the audience? Only time will tell. Soulwax also reappears with their first new LP since 2005 and it’s a really solid reminder of how revolutionary these dudes are. Lastly, we’ve got a slick new one from JMSN and his second sneak peak at his new LP dropping the end of April. Stream/view all 3 in full below.

3.27 – That New New

TNN flex for 2017 continues into the last week of March. Big names flying around left and right these days and this past week was no exception. Kendrick Lamar popped up out of nowhere and put all wackness on warning with “The Heart Pt. IV”. Gorillaz released 4 new tunes and announced their upcoming LP formally. “Saturnz Barz” with Popcaan is the easy highlight and this 360 degree animated video for it is beyond next level animation. Tuxedo also dropped their 2nd album this week featuring another great dose of west coast flavored funk and pop, with “Take a Picture” being an early favorite. Peep all 3 in full below.

3.20 – That New New

Apologies for the radio silence for the last week as SXSW is still a thing and that thing can easily pull you away from updating a blog 100%. Back at it this week though and TNN sees a big flex from 2 huge names in rap. Drake returns with More Life, a “playlist” that isn’t really an album but is and it’s 2017 and artists are finding more and more ways to release content and get people to care. Drake keeps the quality high as always and spreads his wings more into global pop stardom with “Blem” and continues the flute in rap trend with the “Portland”. Also we’ve got a new LP from Rick Ross, his first in 2 years, and he’s taking no prisoners on “Idols Become Rivals” and “Trap Trap Trap”. Stream all 4 tunes in full below.

3.13 – That New New

TNN for 2017 is now in full on go mode as the flood of new music flexing for spring and summer attention is 100% here. Big week this past week and these are just some of the new gems. First up is a brand new one out of nowhere from Frank Ocean that’s just super dope. Second sees the return of Lorde and he bucking the pressure of her sophomore turn with a beautiful piano ballad. Third we have Little Dragon dropping their first new music in 3 years and it’s literally flames. Finally, we’ve got Amine dropping his first cut of 2017 and it feels like Timbo and the Neptunes met up and got busy. Stream all 3 in full below.

3.6 – That New New

TNN is carrying us into the first full week of March and we’re beginning to see warm weather tunes hitting the airwaves. It’s still cold as you know what here in NY but there are signs of Spring coming in and the music is only helping things move along. First up this week is a recent one from Calvin Harris and surprise collaborators Frank Ocean & Migos. Doesn’t really matter how this song came together. I’m calling it now though…”Song of The Summer of 2017″. Second, we’ve got a new electro pop dance number from Geotic (aka Baths) and this is a really tasty patio season type vibe. Finally, we’ve got a new one from Bobby Raps. The Minnesota rapper has been quiet on the solo tip but has started to resurface with some album credits on the latest LP from The Weeknd and now his 2nd single in as many weeks. Stream all three tracks in full below.

2.27 – That New New

TNN returns this week after a week off. And while there’s been a healthy dose of new music coming out, the last 10 days or so absolutely and completely belong to Future. He’s dropped two 17 song LPs in back-to-back weeks, each album catered to specific audiences and both are slotted to debut #1 on the Billboard Top 200. If that goes down, that’s the first time ever an artist has released 2 albums in 2 weeks and they both debut at #1. So with the spirit of history, here’s 4 songs from these LPs that stood out after early listening sessions. Stream all 4 in full below.

2.13 – That New New

TNN flies in this week with a bit under the radar as it was a relatively quiet week for the nu nu (the week before the Grammy’s is not the best time to release new music…friendly FYI). First up is a new one from Desiigner. Hate this dude all you want but fact is he’s got some of the dopest producers in the world behind him now and “Outlet” is a FIRE instrumental at worst. Solid new tune at best. Next up is a cool collab from 2 of the internet’s favorite new rappers in KYLE and Cousin Stizz. Another super fire beat here. Finally is teenager Ama Lou coming through with some dissonant R&B and dancehall vibes that feel very interesting and worth keeping an overall eye on. Stream em all in full below.