6.19 – That New New

TNN this week features a stack of good tunes (as always) with a flair for some “fresh” blood and some old friends. First up is the latest from PnB Rock, who just landed on XXL’s 2017 Freshmen list. Time is a dancehall flavored pop gem that feels very much like a “now” record and could very well pop. Next up is our old friend Tittsworth and his brand new LP with Scott Sanders as Reagan Bombs. This futuristic take on Go-Go is an exciting release and you can read how it all came together HERE. Finally, we’ve got a new UK bass line/garage influenced tune from another old friend in Cassady Locke. You can stream sneak peaks of all of these below.

6.12 – That New New

TNN this week features a bunch of great new records to help fuel what now really should be starting to feel like Summer everywhere outside. First up is another new one from Vince Staples, featuring Ty Dolla $ign, from his forthcoming new LP due the end of this month. Next up is some yacht rock vibes from Toro Y Moi, which feels like a sleeper jam that could slay on the chill rooftop party tip. Finally is a new heater from 6lack, who’s showing quickly that last year’s debut was no fluke. Stream all 3 in full below.

6.5 – That New New

TNN walks right into June and things just continue to stay interesting and fruitful on the new music front. The big guns stay firing and there was grip of quality new new that dropped this past week. First up is a new heater from 2 Chainz ft. Travis Scott on the hook that’s continuing 2 Chainz’ foray into more psychedelic soundscapes. It’s also the first taste of his new studio album due very soon. Second, is a new one from the legendary Giorgio Moroder on a collaboration with Phantoms featuring vocals from the quickly rising Prince Charlez. Interesting peak time 2017 disco vibes here that are unexpectedly and really well done. Last up is a new one from A.Chal, who we featured some last year. His new EP is out now and yet again very on point. Peep all 3 in full below.

5.22 – That New New


It’s Monday and you know what that means – new music! Miami’s Bruno Mali Kidd just dropped a new tape last week, M.A.D.E. His gruff, rapid-fire flow is complemented by features from Rick Ross, Raheem Devaughn and Ace Hood. Burial has a new EP coming out on 5/26. Both Subtemple and Beachfire are hypnotic ambient soundtracks to your next overdose. If this one is too deep for your tastes, try his remix of Goldie’s classic “Inner City Life” which dropped last month. Thes One and DJ Day have a new EP of groovy instrumental hip-hop and scratching recorded live, with the former on the MPC and the latter on the crossfader. It’s a free download, with vinyl to come. That about does it for today, but watch out for more new music on Rub Radio tomorrow!

5.15 – That New New

Time to hit the back 9 of May already (seriously where is they year going so fast?) and TNN continues to keep it all grounded with that good new music consistency. First up is Calvin Harris featuring Future and Khalid on what feels like a Soundcloud era attempt at Daft Punk “Discovery” vibes with rappers and R&B hooks. And it works. Next up is a glimpse at what already feels like a strong contender for LP of the year. Sinjin Hawke pieced together some Kanye beats he submitted into an LP and “They Can’t Love You” is just a sample of it’s awesomeness. Finally, we’ve got a new one from the previously TNN featured F L A C O, which is the first single from his upcoming EP. Check out all 3 in full below.

5.8 – That New New

TNN this week is strong with a few familiar names and one that may be new. Regardless, the content flow stays strong and signifies that 2017 is holding it’s own with new tunes. First up is brand new LCD Soundsystem. Like finally. This reunion has been a thing for some time and a new LP has been promised. But now it’s starting to feel real and it’s really good. Next is a “new” one from Cashmere Cat with Ty Dolla $ign featured on vocals from CC’s official debut LP. There was a version of the LP and this song that leaked months ago but it’s been rehashed and redone. In case you want check the original pre-Ty Dolla $ign, you can do that right here. Finally, we’ve got a new one from Tove Styrke with some jangling pop brilliance. Check out all 3 in full below.

5.1 – That New New

TNN rolls right into May (no Timberlake memes to be seen or used) and the new music train keeps on moving along super strong. This past week saw new LPs drop from Feist, Gorillaz, Cashmere Cat and more…and none of these are featured here. Basically the release pool is strong. First up is a solo cut from Offset of Migos. If there’s anyone who’s quietly become a name synonymous with catchiness in 2017 it’s this dude. His first solo cut “Monday” maintains this healthy trend. Next we have a new single off the upcoming new album from Shabazz Palaces and this is super retro and futuristic at the same time. Finally, we’ve got a new r&b heater from SZA with Travis Scott. Stream all 3 of this tight new tunes in full below.

4.24 – That New New

TNN this week feels a bit thin. Maybe it’s because we’ve had such a flow of big records and big names dropping big records. There was some good tunage that dropped last week though and here’s some stuff of note. Big Boi has announced a 3rd solo LP and the first samples of what it will sound like is out. Yeah it’s got Adam Levine on this first track but DJ Dahi and DJ Khalil are on the beat and it’s kinda fire. MØ is also resurfacing with some new solo stuff and “Nights With You” has some stellar production from Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco and Sophie. Finally, we’ve got Jessie Perez dropping her debut EP and it just oozes future superstar. Hairs standing up on your arm type chills with her talent and sound. Peep all 3 in full below.

4.17 – That New New

TNN is here this week to say 1 thing really. There was other music that dropped last week other than Kendrick Lamar’s new album that effectively broke the internet Thursday night. As it was a landmark release, it’s been fluffed and refuted enough. Let’s talk about some other stuff. First up is a fire opening track from Little Dragon’s last LP which also came out on K.Dot day. Next is Cousin Stizz as he continues is steady climb and his latest features Offset from Migos. Finally we’ve got a fun new party tune from Mal & Squid. Stream all 3 in full below.

4.10 – That New New

TNN just keeps on trucking in 2017. While the world around us is in a constant state of complete flux, the music world has absolutely been stepping up. This past Friday saw a crazy amount of stellar new LP releases and only one of those acts is featured here. Content is coming from everywhere. Case in point, we’ve got new music from Frank Ocean again already and it features Jay-Z and Tyler, the Creator and he dropped it on his Beats 1 Radio show. Future Islands dropped their first album in 3 years this past Friday and it rips like only they can. Finally, we’ve got a super fresh new one from LEYYA in “Zoo” that feels ripe for an infectious synch placement. You can stream all 3 in full below.