Rub Radio Jan 2017: Dirtyfinger & Brent Tactic

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This month our homies Brent Tactic and Dirtyfinger take over Rub Radio!  They’re both DJing with us at the party on Saturday, so here is a little taste of how it’s going down at The Bell House this weekend.

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FOTR: Brent Tactic

We’re lazy old farts hustling artist-entrepreneurs and we don’t always make time to update our blog, but we have all this great music and culture we like to share – so we’ve brought in a slightly younger fart dynamic social media expert to help us. So this is a massive shout to Brent Tactic for lighting a fire on The Rub blog and keeping it burning! If you haven’t been paying attention, scroll down and check out new songs and videos we love, spotlights on our friends doing cool things, throwback mixes and much more. Incidentally, Brent is also a terrific DJ who recently moved to Brooklyn and he will be rocking with us at The Rub on Saturday! And if you can’t make it in person, do yourself a favor and listen to Brent on Soundcloud.

6.24 – Skip-the-line Tickets

Avoid the side eye, buy your advance tickets!

We’ve got 100 skip-the-line tickets available now for tomorrow night’s party at The Bell House. $15 (all in…no fees) jumps you right past the line and straight through the door to the festivities. If you can’t get any of these tickets in time, don’t worry…there will be plenty of tickets at the door. Special guests this month are Big Jacks and Brent Tactic. We hope to see you all tomorrow night!


4/25 – Skip-the-line tickets

We’ve got 100 skip-the-line tickets for tomorrow’s party and they’re going fast. $15 jumps you right past a long wait in line, regardless of when you show up to The Bell House. Otherwise, The Rub line is always a roadblock by 11:00 pm. So if you don’t want to wait, advice is to come out early. Special guests this month are DJ Knife from Boston and recent BK transplant, Brent Tactic.

New Rub Radio is up as well to get you fully primed for Saturday night.

Listen here: April Rub Radio.


Kendrick Lamar “Hood Politics”

We’re jumping off a weekly feature on The Rub site where we highlight new music we love. Brent Tactic came up with the idea, and he’ll probably do most of the heavy lifting but I wanted to set it off, mostly because I’m listening to this Kendrick album and I’ve got some opinions (just what the internet needs!). I fucking loved his last album, but I also can’t deal with squawky free jazz at all, so I’m really having a hard time with this new one. Challenging listeners is great, bravo for that, but nails on the chalkboard is nails on the chalkboard. But even if I was hoping for more “m.A.A.d city” and less Pharaoh Sanders, Kendrick’s rapping is stellar throughout To Pimp A Butterfly, and he’s talking about important shit. I picked “Hood Politics” to highlight – the writing is fucking exceptional and we get a break from the saxturbation and funny voices in favor of spacy keyboards and a funny hook. Even if this song doesn’t do it for you, I recommend you dig in to the album – it’s absolutely worth a listen, to hear what Kendrick is saying at the very least.