Fashen & Deep Sang & Meistro @ The Rub

This Saturday we’re joined at The Rub by the legendary DJ Fashen and the invincible, untouchable Deep Sang and Meistro.  And yes, that is Ed O.G. feeding a duck on the flyer.  Why not?

Saturday, January 7
The Rub
Ayres, Cosmo, Fashen, Meistro & Deep Sang
door by Rahnon
125 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY

$10 for every man, woman and child (21+ w. ID)

Renaissance Man from Fashen on Vimeo.

Here are a couple of Fashen remixes and an awesome mixtape from Meistro & Deep Sang. Click on those Soundcloud links and dig in!

Say That U Heart Me by itsfashen

Bam Bam by itsfashen

Deep Sang & Meistro – Dirty Bombs Volume 3 by Deep Sang