Cosmo on AM

“It’s been a very tough week, with the loss of our dear friend Adam Michael “DJ AM” Goldstein. There’s been tons of things written about him over the past 9 days, yet it still doesn’t even come close to touching on the impact this man had on all of our lives as an inspirational person, not to mention as an artist, and mostly as a friend. I knew Adam for over 25 years, since we were young kids growing up in Philadelphia, and for all those years through all his successes and struggles, he never changed his character – always being a shining light filled with love, generosity and an unmatched passion. He will be profoundly missed, in a way that even I can’t put into words to describe. His passing has effected me in a way that I am only beginning to realize and deal with. Much love to you Adam. You’re going to live within all of us forever. And much love to his mom and sister, his close loved ones, family and friends, the California crew, the old school Philly crew and on and on… We forever have your back. I have some old tapes of his from when he came and spun with me at The Remedy in Philly back in the late 90s, so I’ll find them and share them with our friends soon.” – Cosmo Baker