3.6 – That New New

TNN is carrying us into the first full week of March and we’re beginning to see warm weather tunes hitting the airwaves. It’s still cold as you know what here in NY but there are signs of Spring coming in and the music is only helping things move along. First up this week is a recent one from Calvin Harris and surprise collaborators Frank Ocean & Migos. Doesn’t really matter how this song came together. I’m calling it now though…”Song of The Summer of 2017″. Second, we’ve got a new electro pop dance number from Geotic (aka Baths) and this is a really tasty patio season type vibe. Finally, we’ve got a new one from Bobby Raps. The Minnesota rapper has been quiet on the solo tip but has started to resurface with some album credits on the latest LP from The Weeknd and now his 2nd single in as many weeks. Stream all three tracks in full below.