Inspiration: Mark Ronson

We’ve been talking a lot about inspiration lately and today I wanted to bring up the first person I really saw DJ a party up close, Mark Ronson. In 1994 when I was a freshman in college, Mark was a sophomore who lived down the hall. At that point he was opening for Stretch Armstrong at Nell’s in the city already, and it wasn’t too long before he transfered to NYU and his DJ career really took off. But watching Mark play in the little college bar where you had to bring your own turntables and mixer, playing funk and soul samples and Wu-Tang and Nas and OC and Craig Mack and B.I.G. 12”s, that lit a fire under my ass to start seeking out those songs on vinyl, and to dig for The Meters and James Brown and The Mary Jane Girls. So, thank you Mark! – A

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