6.13 – That New New

TNN this week gets off to somber tone as we’re still reeling from the weekend’s real life tragic events in Orlando. We believe like many of you do…the best thing we can all do is practice love and tolerance…and to just keep going. And while the releases from this past week may be light on the bigger names like previous weeks, the quality is still high. First up is the bubbling Florida rapper Kodak Black, who released his brand new mixtape over the weekend. “Vibin In This Bih” is a standout and features the gawd Gucci Mane. Second, we see a grime remix drop from Murlo, who’s a producer who continues to show his versatility genre wise but always maintains a signature sound. Finally, we’ve got new comer Khalid who dropped a surefire pop gem that hopefully puts a smile on your face. All 3 tunes are streaming in full below.