6.5 – That New New

TNN walks right into June and things just continue to stay interesting and fruitful on the new music front. The big guns stay firing and there was grip of quality new new that dropped this past week. First up is a new heater from 2 Chainz ft. Travis Scott on the hook that’s continuing 2 Chainz’ foray into more psychedelic soundscapes. It’s also the first taste of his new studio album due very soon. Second, is a new one from the legendary Giorgio Moroder on a collaboration with Phantoms featuring vocals from the quickly rising Prince Charlez. Interesting peak time 2017 disco vibes here that are unexpectedly and really well done. Last up is a new one from A.Chal, who we featured some last year. His new EP is out now and yet again very on point. Peep all 3 in full below.