8.22 – That New New

Last week of August and summer is definitely holding onto it’s last few breathes. And per usual, new releases were super eventful for TNN. Like 35 new songs from Frank Ocean eventful. 4 years and weird delay after continuous silence on targeted release days/months and all of the sudden, we’ve got a lot to digest. First up this week is the visually stunning video for his single “Nikes”, which is just one example of this flood of new music from him. Next, we’ve got a great new one from Florida’s Twelve’len, who’s absolutely on his own thing and “Star Dust” feels like it could become an anthem with the right push. Lastly, and her debut release, we have Lully with “Slow Ds”, a glimpse of what future pop/indie/soul/dance music can sound like if listeners ever find their balance between the easily digestible and challenging. Stream/view all 3 in full below.