Ayres in Australia!!!

I’m back from Australia – it was truly incredible, a whirlwind tour that somehow crammed gigs in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle, two radio spots, an instore, trips to the beach, the Sydney opera house and the Melbourne zoo into four days. Ian took 350 pictures! We’re back out on the road tommorow to Detroit and California but we’ll be back in the city from Saturday on for a bunch of Halloween parties and other fun. Be sure to come out and party with us.

Koala at the National Zoo in Melbourne. It was beautiful weather and they were moving around a lot which is unusual for Koalas, even leaping from branch to branch.

Wombats were cute as hell! The platypus was amazing too, so crazy looking.

At ABC radio studios in Melbourne

On the radio! One of the turntables was messed up and wouldn’t work with Serato so I had to play almost entirely on internal mode on that side, so frustrating to suck on national radio behind technical issues. Oh well.

Ian drinking Rave Juice at the club in Melbourne. Agwa liquor + Redbull + Vodka + Glow Stick!

Doing it big in Melbourne

In the club with Levins (Ro Sham Bo / Heaps Decent) and Craig (CWD)

The Sydney crowd was already in a frenzy when we got there at 11 PM. There was a three way battle between Ro Sham Bo, Hoops and Peace Out crews, madness.

Anna Lunoe (Hoops) – the Hoops girls were tag teaming new hip-hop and dancing up a storm in matching outfits. I felt like they won but Ro Sham Bo were the crowd favorites.

Newcastle was a sort of cheesy outdoor hotel party but people were going off to Baile funk and Baltimore Club and electro house. All that stuff is super popular in Australia, it’s not even underground music there.

Huge huge shout out to Alanna who rescued us from the insanity in Newcastle and took us sightseeing in Sydney!

Circular Quay – we hung out for three hours watching the sun set.

Sydney Opera House

(see the whole set on Ian’s Flickr)