Bobby Raps & Corbin – Frozen Tundra

While Minnesota has been a relative hot bed for independent hip-hop and the like for some time now as Atmosphere & the Rhymesayers camp, along with Doom Tree and others all have a storied history…something else noteworthy is going on. And it’s a group of teenagers from St. Paul that are quietly releasing music whenever they feel like it that has the internet currently on constant watch. Corbin (aka Spooky Black) broke through in 2014 with a couple mixtapes and other random releases that started this flood of attention and he just released a fantastic EP earlier this month with Bobby Raps. Couch Potato is a haunting and emotive release as Corbin has a voice like no one else in music right now and this very cohesive “name your price” EP is available HERE. Also peep our choice cut “Frozen Tundra” below as this weeks #TNN (That New New).