Changes: Rub 2.0

We’ve got a few changes to announce:  The Rub website has finally made the leap to proper blog.  Thanks Oka!  Thanks Andy! So from now on, news will be on the front page here, and everything will properly archive, making the site a lot easier for us to update and for you to follow.  The other real big news is that all the mixes are back up on  Thanks Ian!  That includes all the Hip-Hop History mixes and a ton of other mixes littered throughout the news page.  Be sure to grab all The Rub Live mixes (2003 – 2007) here:

Last, we are working on It’s The Motherfucking Remix Vol. 3, which will be out in September on CD with remixes from a ton of great DJs including the usual suspects and some newer names who have played at The Rub more recently.  So definitely be on the lookout for that!