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Today I’m reaching back and going to lace with one of my all-time favorite breaks which just happens to be included in the almighty UBB series: Kid Dynamite’s “Uphill Peace Of Mind.” The first time that I heard the song, I swore it was some crazy Thin Lizzy B-Side that was never released or something. It rocks HARD, but has that certain special funk and swing that attracts a dude like me. I don’t really know much about Kid Dynamite but they were a group of Los Angeles based session players that were all over albums in the 70s, including playing with The Steve Miller Band. This is their one album though as a unit. Kind of interesting thinking about what made people discover this song though. It doesn’t really reveal anything about the break when you first listen to it, but then once the song hits the 2:55 mark, ooh lawd. Talk about a neck-snapping beat. I know you’ve heard it in the past, “You’ve got the time, I’ve got the time.” The way that John King hits the trap is a monster, and then the little piano vamp comes it, it’s nothing but butter. Poor Righteous Teachers, Super Cat and Just-Ice & KRS-One sure thought so.

Kid Dynamite “Uphill Peace Of Mind” (Cream Records, 1976)

As good as the Kid Dynamite version of “Uphill Piece Of Mind” is I really don’t think it comes anywhere close to how good the Lloyd Price version is. Of course everyone knows who Lloyd Price is, and although he’s universally acclaimed and acknowledged I think in certain “real headz” circles he often gets overlooked. His early work was incredible where he put his own spin on the beat of his native New Orleans. In the late 60s and early 70s he was one of the first American R&B singers to start messing with Jamaican rhythms, and in 1976 he put out the completely slept-on “Music-Music” album. Now I don’t know who’s version came first but both this one and the Kid Dynamite version came out in 1976. But where that version is a slow stomping hard-edged rock song, Lloyd’s version is an uptempo hard rocking SOUL song. But in true Lloyd Price fashion it touches on R&B, rock, funk and gospel. Really a banging song in any sense…

Lloyd Price “Uphill Peace Of Mind” (LPG Records, 1976)

Heatrocks For Haiti: I know we’re all partying and schitt is sweet and all that, but things in Haiti have gone from bad to worse. Below on the site you’ll find some helpful links to charities that I’m suggesting you help donate to. Also, my friends at (whose forums I spend way too much time on) have started up a Heatrocks For Haiti record action. We did this when Katrina happened and ended up raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity and relief. It’s really an interesting concept and thebest thing is that it takes something we’re passionate about and applies it towards helping those in need. Please check out Heatrocks For Haiti.

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