FOTR: Chromeo

FOTR this week is Chromeo. These legendary Funk Lordz should be familiar to the readers out there as Dave 1 and P-Thugg have been making ridiculous fun and catchy music for well over a decade now. Their 80’s rooted sound and vibe has caught on in many ways since the heyday of blog house and has progressed to a point where it has transcended pop culture. As a testament to their catalog and history, possibly their most famous album just got a special 10 year anniversary reissue. “Fancy Footwork” has been re-released (as “Fancier Footwork”) with all the official remixes and packaged together with a number of special merch items. You can check out all the new items at their merch shop (click the image below) and stay connected with these guys on all the socials.

Stay Up With Chromeo: