FOTR: Mills

This week for Friends of The Rub we’re showing love to Mills, who has been designing our flyers for the past year and change.  It’s rare to find a designer who is fast, has a ton of fresh ideas which fit our vibe perfectly, and never complains about our nitpicky edit requests, and Mills is all that, plus his flyers always look fly as fuck!  He’s a great DJ and the minimalist flyers for his own parties give us a design boner every week on Instagram.  Here are some of our favorites he’s done for us, plus a few rejected designs which we probably should have used.

Halloween 2017, Clockwork Orange flip with original logo

March 2018, unused Michael J Fox variant with original logo

February 2018, Dumb & Dumber flip with original tongue logo

September 2017, Air Max 1 illustration

November 2017, Seinfeld logo flip with unused Michael Richards illustration (we felt this one was problematic)

January 2018, Seinfeld logo flip with revised idea (Elaine dancing)

August 2017, Slick Rick

June 2018, Phife from A Tribe Called Quest

May 2018, Pharrell Williams