FOTR: Rhek

FOTR this week is Rhek and this is truly a dude who seems to do it all. After bouncing around a bit once leaving his home growing up in Nova Scotia, he settled in Vancouver in 2000 where he has thrived as an artist, designer, entrepreneur and dj/nightlife enthusiast. His art and graphic design may be the most recognizable at first glance with his numerous cover art pieces over the years for T&A and his current flyer work for The Rub. His recently closed boutique, Sharks and Hammers, had been open since 2009 and was a true cornerstone in Vancouver (and online). His contributions to nightlife are vast with his dj nights over the years such as RAP. and Heavy Gold. It’s now all about Rhek Creative, Welcome to Jankytown and Stay Wavy, which are all linked below. Peep all of those underneath some of his graphic designs to connect and follow our talented friend.

Stay Wavy No.13.05 by Rhek on Mixcloud

Stay Up With Rhek

Welcome To Jankytown
Cargo Collective