Stephen Powers aka Espo came to be one graffiti’s great heroes in the last 15 years. Originally coming to people’s attention with his in your face approach to painting city roll down gates it wasn’t long before his work was moving from the streets to the galleries.

In the pop world, Espo’s work can be seen on Kurt Vile’s latest album (one of my personal faves), Mf Doom & Jneiro Jarel’s JJ Doom album, and a little closer to home we asked Espo for our very own logo a few years back!

With his ‘Love Letter’ series going global in the early 2000s, his latest project focuses on hand painted signage that offers both nostalgic and helpful slogans, puns, and imagery that is a fine balance of tongue in cheek and street knowledge at the same time. Icy Signs has set up a store front in downtown Brooklyn, with pop ups in other cities, that showcases the latest work from Powers and co along with a retail aspect to pick up prints, books, and coffee mugs. Check out his work below and salute one of world’s finest artist!

Stephen Powers aka EspoStephen Powers aka Espo
Stephen Powers aka Espo
Stephen Powers aka EspoStephen Powers aka Espo

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