History of Hip-Hop Vol. 12: 1990

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Artwork by Rhek for Sharks and Hammers

Tracklist after the jump!

1: Above The Law “Another Execution”
2: Ice Cube “Once Upon A Time In The Projects”
3: Brand Nubian “Who Can Get Busy Like This Man?”
4: Main Source “Just Hanging Out”
5: Eric B. & Rakim “Mahogany”
6: Compton’s Most Wanted “Give It Up”
7: CPO “Ballad Of A Menace”
8: Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Here I Come”
9: Omniscence “Lost In The Music”
10: Gang Starr “Love Sick”
11: Digital Underground “Freaks Of The Industry”
12: Lakim Shabazz “The Lost Tribe Of Shabazz”
13: King Tee “Played Like A Piano”
14: K-Solo “Fugitive”
15: Kool G. Rap “Streets Of New York”
16: Masta Ace “Me & The Biz”
17: The Geto Boys “Gangster Of Love”
18: A Tribe Called Quest “Bonita Applebum”
19: A Tribe Called Quest “Push It Along”
20: Freshco & Miz “Ain’t You Freshco?”
21: Eric B. & Rakim “In The Ghetto”
22: Main Source “Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball”
23: Nice & Smooth “No Bones In Ice Cream”
24: Dooley-O “Watch My Moves”
25: D-Nice “Call Me D-Nice”
26: Boogie Down Productions “Material Love”
27: Special Ed “Living Like A Star”
28: Poor Righteous Teachers “Rock This Funky Joint”
29: Big Daddy Kane “Young Gifted And Black”
30: Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Funky Technician”
31: Third Bass “Product Of The Environment”
32: LL Cool J “Eat ‘Em Up LL, Chill”
33: The Geto Boys “Scarface”
34: Above The Law “Murder Rap”
35: Low Profile “Playing For Keeps”
36: Ron B “Stitch By Stitch”
37: Main Source “Snake Eyes”
38: Chill Rob G. “Let Me Show You (Prince Paul Remix)”
39: K-Solo “Your Mom’s In Our Business”
40: The Flavor Unit “The Flavor Unit Assassination Squad”
41: 415 “Lavish”
42: Too $hort “The Ghetto”
43: Three Times Dope “No Words”
44: Special Ed “The Mission”
45: Main Source “Think”
46: Third Bass “3 Strikes 5000”
47: KMD “Gasface Refill”
48: 360 Degrees “Somebody Like Me”
49: Gang Starr “Just To Get A Rep”
50: Public Enemy “911 Is A Joke”
51: YZ “Sons Of The Father”
52: Brand Nubian “Drop The Bomb”
53: Lord Alibaski “Crunch Time”
54: X-Clan “Heed The Word Of The Brother”
55: Kinds Of Swing “Nod Your Head To This”
56: Special Ed “Ready 2 Attack”
57: Special Ed “I’m The Magnificent (Remix)”
58: Gang Starr “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight”
59: Three Times Dope “In Effect”
60: A Tribe Called Quest “Youthful Expression”
61: Brand Nubian “Ragtime”
62: 415 “415in”
63: X-Clan “Days Of Outrage, Operation Snatchback”
64: Ice Cube “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted”
65: Kid Frost “La Raza”
66: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo “Talk Like Sex”
67: Monie Love “It’s A Shame”
68: A Tribe Called Quest “Pubic Enemy”
69: Intelligent Hoodlum “Trag Invasion”
70: N.W.A. “100 Miles And Running”
71: E.P.M.D. “I’m Mad”
72: E.P.M.D. “Rampage”
73: LL Cool J “Jingling Baby (Remixed And Still Jingling)”
74: Public Enemy “Welcome To The Terrordome”