T&A Scandanavia ’07

Scandinavia was really nuts. The Rumble in Malmo in particular was just an incredible party – I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people go nuts to Baltimore Club in my life.  To give you an idea, the biggest song of the night was DJ Class “Stop Snitching!”

All the parties were great – shout out to Sampo in Helsinki, Jaywalker crew in Oslo, Jonny and Sanna, Saurabh and my man Stefan in Stockholm and of course Sweet Fred and the Discobelle crew in Malmo.  Tittsworth murdered it everywhere we went, and I just tried to keep up!  We literally didn’t sleep at night the whole time we were there, just a few afternoon naps to battle the 21+ hours of daylight everyday.

Helsinki photos here, more photos coming.  So now I’m home playing catch up for a few days, then heading up to Montreal on Friday.