FOTR: Bo Bliz

Philly is most definitely in the house for our 13 year anniversary party this Saturday at The Bell House. Our 2nd special guest and #FOTR (Friend of The Rub) of the week is Bo Bliz and he’s been holding things down in the city of brotherly love for what seems like forever. Whether it’s been through his efforts with his Crossfaded Bacon brethren, Emynd, or his massively successful WORKOUT! parties with fellow special guest this month, Low-Bee…Bo is a bonafied staple of the dj and party scene in Philly. One of the more popular parties he’s been a part of is the It’s The Year… series when he and Emynd keep it real and only play joints from one specific year all night. Check out the stream below on the 90’s mix Bo did to hype the night and make sure to check him out this Saturday at The Rub.

Bo Bliz – 19XX Mix – Crossfaded X The Decades by Crossfadedbacon on Mixcloud

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