FOTR: Dave Nada

FOTR this week is long time homie Dave Nada who’s going on a REAL MOOMBAHTON HOURS tour to donate a portion of his fees to charity in every market and bring awareness to communities all over the country. It’s already inspired other DJs to take to social media this week and pledge to charities in similar ways. It’s all about bringing people together when it matters most. Check out his mission statements, announced tour dates and mixtape to launch the project below.

1) The world needs to party together some more and nothing brings a dance floor together like moombahton music, so let’s get it!

2) I will be donating 10% of my fees in support of *local non-profit organizations in each town/community I play. Moombahton has always been a family affair, so I’m using my platform to help others and to raise awareness for groups and institutions that need it. If you fw the vision and would like to link and build fam, holler at me!


– 3/2 @ Cobra Arcade Bar – Body Talk w/ Pickster & Melo (Phoenix, AZ)
“Sounds Academy” – Music school for underserved youth.

– 3/3 @ Ace Hotel – Sweet II Bad (Los Angeles, CA) DAY
“SRO Housing” – Housing for homeless and low-income in Skid Row.

– 3/3 @ Bruno’s w/ Sazon Libre (San Francisco, CA) NIGHT
“Causa Justa” – Equal rights for people of color, immigrants, and women.

– 3/11 @ Hi-Tones w/ Bruk Out! (San Antonio, TX)
“Martinez Street Women’s Center” – Health services, education and advocacy.

– 3/16 @ Indian Roller w/ Bruk Out! (Austin, TX)
“Grassroots Leadership” – Fighting prison profiteering, mass incarceration, and deportation.

– 3/17 @ The North Door / Peligrosa House (Austin, TX)
“Las Latinas” – Empowering young latinas using media and technology.

– 3/19 @ Irene’s (Austin, TX)
“American Youthworks” – Empowering youth through education, job training, and community services.

– 3/21 @ Plugged In x La Clinica w/ JSTJR (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 3/24 @ Dream – Jungle Fever (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 3/25 @ Churchill’s Pub – Winter Bass Conference w/ Otto Von Schirach (Miami, FL)
“ACLU of Florida” – American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

– 4/3 @ Velvet Lounge – Moombahton Mondays: Soulove Edition w/ Jon Kwest (Wash, DC)
Planned Parenthood DC – Reproductive health services.


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