FOTR: Grits And Biscuits

The Rub and our friends at Grits & Biscuits have a lot in common. Both of our parties started at the Southpaw (RIP) in Brooklyn. We both celebrate our anniversaries in July. We’ve both taken our parties all over the world. And we both like DJ Toomp a lot!

In their seventh year of a fantastic run, Grits & Biscuits continues to be NYC’s best southern hip hop party. They do it with a simple formula that never fails: hot & sweaty club, lots of pop-lock-and-droppin’, and a welcoming family vibe. They throw one of our favorite parties, and are good people!

Check out this crazy video of their yearly anniversary block party:

And come learn more this Friday when we team up to provide us all a much needed mental health break to recuperate from all the craziness of 2016 and the first month of 2017. Grab ticket for that here.

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