FOTR: Low-Bee

Our first FOTR (Friend of The Rub) this week is Low-Bee aka Low Budget aka Low Beezy. If you’re reading this and thinking you may not be familiar with the name, you probably already are and just don’t realize it. As a co-founder of the Hollertronix brand with Diplo, Low-Bee has been a key cog in the turnup fusion party scene since the jump many years ago. Those early Hollertronix parties can even be given credit for influencing a whole new way of djing by mixing different styles and eras of music together in a way that had never really been done before…at least not on that level. Fast forward to 2015 and Low-Bee is a party staple in his hometown of Philly by killing clubs with anything and everything dope in the music world. We’re proud to have him as one of our special guests this month for The Rub’s 13th Anniversary party this Saturday. Peep this mix from his Workout night with fellow guest this month Bo Bliz and get psyched this weekend’s jump off.

Stay Up With Low-Bee: