The very first Rub was July 27, 2002 at Southpaw, in Park Slope, Brooklyn. In 16 years and 200+ parties, The Rub has toured the world, recorded a gazillion mixes, release countless records and CDs, and won a slew of awards.

To say it’s rare for a club night in New York City to last more than a few years is a gross understatement. So as The Rub approached its fifteenth anniversary, a project consistent with the milestone felt warranted. In the end, putting Sixteen Years of The Rub together was such a huge undertaking that it took another full year. (Imagining cutting 15,000 photos from the party down to the best 200!)

The idea and inspiration for the structure of Sixteen Years of The Rub came from Kenny Rodriguez, an accomplished photographer who one fateful night early in the party’s life set out to document an entire evening at the Brooklyn party, from before the doors opened until after all the party-goers had left. Following Kenny’s idea, the book starts at 9:30 PM and ends at 4:00 AM, with detours into crowd shots, guest DJs, the annual Halloween party mayhem, and lots of drunken hookups. Most of the images are Kenny’s, but ShoShots and Ian Meyer graciously contributed some of their favorite photos.

The result is a beautiful 150 page book full of joyful images of party people lost in the music.

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