The Rub at the Do-Over in LA + pix

The Do-Over is a Sunday afternoon party in LA that always has incredible DJs and never announces the line-up; they post the DJ sets on their blog so everyone who didn’t get in can hear what they missed. Like The Rub, they always have a line around the block, and like The Rub, the DJs can play whatever they want – that means good music! Ayres, Eleven & Cosmo have all played the Do-Over separately. Here are the DJ sets, along with pictures from the most recent Do-Over.

DJ Ayres Live at the Do-Over (Z-Share)

DJ Eleven Live at the Do-Over (Z-Share)

Cosmo Baker & Thee Mike B Live at the Do-Over (Z-Share)

Going in!

Mr Choc (Beat Junkies) and Peanutbutter Wolf (Stones Throw)

Feelin it!

(it’s just a sticker, we don’t have Rub Serato records – yet)

Do-Over crowd is so Tice!

DJ Ayres & DJ Fashen

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