TNN 11.27

Every week we scour the record bins for new music to share with you – it’s That New New! This morning we suffered through the entire Bjork album because we love you, and unless you’re into aimless singing about who knows what over a backdrop of seagulls and someone grunting, you’ll probably do best to skip it and and go straight to these gems:

We still love rappin’ ass rappers, and Fabolous & Jadakiss are two of the best ever. Friday On Elm Street (because Jada’s real name is Jason and Fabo starts with an F, I guess?) has a few clunkers, but also plenty of servicable bars over traditional NY beats. The song with Future feels forced, but overall we give it two claws up.

Frank Ocean has a gorgeous new single called “Provider,” and it has drums! Watch the lyric video above, or stream it here.

At this point either you love Burial or you don’t; his new one is a bit more housey than you’d expect. It’s called “Rodent” and you can listen to it here.

All this plus new music from Cassady Locke, Tory Lanez, and more: