TNN 2.5.18

Busta Rhymes ft. Missy Elliot & Kelly Price – Get It

We’re old, so we still have Busta & Missy in our top ten (do millennials even have top tens anymore?). This is produced by Bangladesh and it’s really crazy. Who doesn’t want to live in a world where this goes to the top of the charts and has a bonkers futuristic video with all three dressed in cyborg costumes made out of garbage bags, doing weird spastic dances?

Odie – Little Lies / Leven Kali – Do U Wrong (ft. Syd)

Every now and then a new song hits you in just the right place emotionally, nurturing you like comfort food. “Little Lies” should do you right, especially if you are a Frank Ocean fan. And the Leven Kali record randomly autoplayed in Soundcloud after “Little Lies” and carried the vibe, so we’re throwing it in too!

Dabrye & Ghostface – Emancipated

You’d be forgiven if you’re not familiar with Dabrye, who is more of an electronic music producer – in the best sense, like Warp Records / Ninja Tune etc, not like EDM – from Michigan. His album comes out February 15 on Ghostly International, a very reliable label for cool, weird music. Ghostface has been releasing more or less same-y records, so getting to hear him over a Dilla-esque beat is a rare treat. There’s an equally great Dabrye record with MF Doom called Lil Mufuckaz.

Listen to these plus new Keys N Krates (album out now!), Rich Brian and Offset below: